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November 7, 2003


I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it

Our favorite electro-punk feminist band Le Tigre is out on tour with Bands Against Bush. We saw them last night at Irving Plaza. The matching outfits, the synchronized dance moves, the hordes of 16 year-old lesbians in the crowd, and the incredible energy of the femme-tastic punk-alicious ladies of Le Tigre--if you care at all about feminism and punk rock, you'll want to go see them too. Tour dates are here. See Kathleen Hanna pogo around the stage during their cover of "I'm So Excited."

By the way, does everyone know that Kathleen Hanna coined the phrase "smells like teen spirit"? To find out which incarnation of Kathleen Hanna you are most like, take this test. I think I am best represented by the KH incarnation that currently lives with Adrock (bottom of page). Hey Kathleen, he's my boyfriend too!

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