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January 15, 2004


CBS Refuses MoveOn.org, PETA ads for Super Bowl

Great news, everyone! CBS is continuing its proud tradition of refusing to run "advocacy"-oriented ads during the Superbowl! They say ads on "controversial issues of public importance" are off-limits, by which they mean controversial issues like the soon-to-be trillion dollar deficit, the erosion of civil rights, and your right not to eat meat. Good move, CBS. Why worry America when there's a football game to watch? All you card-carrying liberals should wake up: Football and peace of mind are WAY more important than sparking a debate in this country about 3 million lost jobs and irrelevant health concerns like mad cow disease. I mean, why would CBS want to run ads from PETA when they have all those great McDonald's commercials to show? It's not like McDonald's advocates anything. They're just ads. Besides, they are really funny and heart-warming!

Remember the way George Bush kicked off this year's football season and asked America, "Are you ready for some football?™" That's the kind of advocacy we should have more of, not opinions from people who aren't the President.

I knew CBS was the network we could trust ever since they killed that mini-series about the Reagans.

Not that I'm interested in this sort of thing, but you can see the ad that MoveOn.org was going to run, and the one from PETA.

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