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January 23, 2004


Choose Your Own Olympic Torch-bearer

The mayor's office is accepting nominations of people who will carry the Athens 2004 Olympic Torch through the city. According to the mayor, these are the qualities they are looking for a in a torchbearer:
  • People who unite their communities through sport, education or culture;
  • People who inspire others through: Participation, Celebration, Human Scale and/or Heritage
    • Unity: People who build bridges between individuals, communities, cultures and generations. Those who look to emphasize what makes us alike, not what sets us apart.
    • Human Scale: People who believe in the value of the individual -- the strength of one person's deeds and the power of a single expression. The extraordinary people who prove that one individual can make a difference.
    • Celebration: People who take joy in life and whose positive attitudes lift the spirits of those around them.
    • Participation: People who know life is not always about winning, but also about taking part. Those who actively seek to experience life's adventures and challenges large or small.
    • Heritage: People who embrace history and culture and pass the lessons learned from one generation to the next, in order to build a brighter future.
Here's some more details on the qualifications and nomination process, and here's the nomination form.

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