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January 26, 2004


The Golden Globes: Night of the "Golden Globes"...if you catch my meaning... +

golden globes

Sorry. We had to remove the pictures, because it was costing us too much money. You can try accessing the files here.

Just a few comments on the show last night, and maybe Amy will add some more later.
  • Why did everybody pick last night to hang their boobs out? Renee in her fat suit, Cate Blanchett, Mary Louise Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole (on the sides), Six Feet Under lady, J. Lo (well, she always does), and seemingly everybody else. Even Allison Janney tried to get in on the act. (Queen Latifah must have felt dumb for getting hers reduced a couple of months ago.) You know, in this post-September 11 world, I just find the whole thing very distasteful. I guess they were thinking if they didn't expose a lot of tits, the terrorists would have won.
  • Can you EVEN BELIEVE they made Nicole introduce the nominees for Best Actor?? SHE'S SLEPT WITH ALL OF THEM!! Tom, Russell, and Jude have all given in to the temptation of her side cleavage. And the maniacal grin on Tom's face through that torture! He must have had the Scientology Brain-Wash-O-Tron turned up to 11 during that whole mess. Which reminds me: did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association borrow this device from Tom to hypnotize all the winners so everyone would robotically thank them?
  • J. Lo looked like a man. Was that her in that soldier-loves-a-tranvestite TV movie they kept talking about?

Here's a list of winners. -adm

Adding to the list of boobs, there was also Susan Sarandon, arguably the hottest person there last night, who apparently tried to breast feed Tim's Golden Globe later that night. Then Clint Eastwood tried to get his award in on the mammary action too. Does all this breast emphasis indicate our nation's yearning for security, comfort, and retreat from the anxieties of our world? Perhaps. Though Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas apparently found more solace in each other's arms. Poor Nicole probably would be comforted enough by changing out of her figure-skater-gone-Vegas outfit. Those mesh panels just don't work off the ice. -amy
While we're on the topic, here's Britney busting out all over at Cannes. -adm

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