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March 4, 2004


Disappointing Celebs +

When you follow the lives of famous people as closely as we do, you're bound to become disillusioned when they betray the values that you once held up in admiration. Like Jude Law, who used to just be hot, bronzed, and half-naked all the time, before he started harassing his ex-wife and admiring Sean Penn. Or Johnny Depp: now that he's a big time Oscar nominee, he wants everybody to start calling him "John Depp," and says he doesn't listen to rockabilly anymore.

Which brings us to today. Liv Tyler, who recently refused to drop the weight she put on after Lord of the Rings was finished filming, reportedly has been eating nothing but spinach and broccoli to slim down for the Oscars. And Seann William Scott, who we have always admired, tried to get special treatment at a club because of his fame. His progression of "Have you seen American Pie?" to "Have you seen Road Trip?" to "Have you seen Dude, Where's My Car?" is especially sad. While I love all of his movies, particularly Final Destination, I'm not sure I would try to win the respect of an LA bouncer by associating myself with those particular films. (Maybe "Dude, have you seen Road House?" would've worked better.) -Amy

It is so disappointing. That's why we admire celebrities who have kept a real head on their shoulders and concentrated on their craft as they've gone from obscurity to super-stardom, and whom we can count on to never sell out. You know, like J. Lo. -adm

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