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March 22, 2004


The O.C.'s glorious return

This is the week when our dull, empty lives start to get recharged with the vitality of the Fox network:The O.C. is back this week and 24 returns next week after long breaks. The New York Times celebrates with a big feature on the enormous popularity of The O.C. (highest rated new drama for young viewers,) and the breakneck pace that the show's creator, 27 year-old Josh Schwartz, has been running. Schwartz is still writing almost all the show's episodes, and meets regularly with the cast to discuss character issues. Not surprisingly, he is especially close with Adam Brody, who plays the thinking-woman's John Cusack character Seth Cohen (now that the real John Cusack has turned out to be so disappointing in adulthood.)

The show's impact is reaching beyond teenagers: UC Berkeley's law school has set up a Sandy Cohen Fellowship, inspired by Peter Gallagher's public defender character. Every episode has great moments, and the fist fights just don't stop coming, even more than half way into the season. My worry is that Josh Schwartz is going to run out of steam--he has reportedly lost a lot of weight and Fox's Senior VP says he is "falling apart" and does nothing but work. Rest up over the summer, Josh. Season 2 will probably be even harder.

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