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March 9, 2004


The Passion at the Box Office

Everyone is losing their shit over how well the Passion of Christ is doing at the box office, but check it out:
Q. Put a little perspective on the "Passion" box-office figures by comparing it to the biggest religious movie hits of all time, "The Robe," "Ben-Hur" and "The 10 Commandments"?

A. According to the Web site BoxOfficeMojo.com, the adjusted, modern-day grosses for those films are $394 million, $590 million and $789 million respectively (and the American population was lot smaller back then).

I don't think Mel's film will even come close. Heck, even the latest "Lord of the Rings" film only clocks in at No. 49 on the all-time list. [source: Ebert's column]

To my way of thinking, adjusted box office statistics are the only ones that make sense. The usual way of looking at grosses -- unadjusted for rising ticket prices -- are misleading. I would just like to see raw statistics that simply show how many people went to see the movie.

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