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April 15, 2004


Important Fox TV update

In case any of you were as panic-stricken as I was when there was no 24 on Tuesday night, don't worry. Fox is airing the episode on Sunday night at 9. OK, maybe panic-stricken is going too far: the show has been getting lamer and lamer all season, reverting to drawn-out maudlin scenes of death and facial decay (Gael going on about 'tell my family I died without pain' and rolling his bleeding, pulpy head around, and 'I can't kill myself to end my hideous misery because of my religious beliefs' and on and on and JUST DIE ALREADY.) Kiefer still kicks ass every week, saving vital MI-6 hard drives and hopefully blowing that pissant Chappelle away next week. But it's getting harder to sit through any scene that doesn't feature him.

On to The O.C. Last night's episode was as histrionic and overblown as ever, particularly the scenes involving Luke blasting Bob Seger, throwing beer bottles off the hill, and driving headlong into a telephone pole. Also, a nice reference to the pilot (but isn't it a little early for a show still in its first season to make self-referential jokes?) with Luke's "Welcome to Portland, bitch" line, allowing him and Ryan to share a lighthearted moment reminiscing about when they used to beat the crap out of each other. Shemrock suggests that, should Fox decide to do a Luke In Portland spin-off next season, they could call it The ORE. However, apart from the fine "stud finder" jokes as Seth and Summer reconstruct Marissa's room ("Seth, you have to find the stud." "...Like you did, Summer?"), the episode was not quite funny enough.

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