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May 10, 2004


Free Hugs! New York is wary

New Yorkers may be standoffish and suspicious of people acting overly friendly, but they usually have good reason to. Such is the case with a young financial advisor who has been offering free hugs to everybody in Washington Square Park on Sunday afternoons. It sounds like a nice enough offer, and come on! Why turn down a free hug from some dude in the park?! What's wrong with you?!! Are you some kind of wary New Yorker bitch who can't accept no-strings-attached affection from some aggressive weirdo?? The reactions of the people who accept or reject the Hugs Guy's offer are great: many are uneasy about him, yet also feel bad about themselves for feeling uneasy.

Not surprisingly, the Hugs Guy is "not in touch" with his own parents, who live in Brooklyn.

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