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May 17, 2004


This is the true story of 28 strangers...

Wouldn稚 it be great if the back-stabbing deliciousness of reality television were also educational? Hold onto your hats, because tonight is the premiere of Colonial House on PBS. Colonial House is just like MTV痴 Real World, except the cast members pray, can稚 wear low-rise jeans, and live in wood shacks.

The show痴 predecessor, Frontier House, was notable not just for the log-chopping, farming, and community-building but also for casting the privileged Clune family, who bratted their way through the series and smuggled in modern day make-up and shampoo.

I can tell you why Colonial House will be just as juicy in two words: Indentured. Servants. They are young, hot, and at least one of them seems to have done no work at all. Clare 敵indy� Samuels mentions in her profile that she most enjoyed 電aily chats with Craig on the rock; sleeping in the sun; sitting on the rock gazing at the ocean; seeing the incredible sunsets� drinking wine and card playing in the evenings.�

Other fireworks to look out for:

The Governor of the colony is a Baptist Minister, while the Assistant Governor is a religious studies professor from California.

Dave Verdecia, a firefighter who plays a hardworking tradesman, mentions 斗iving in a tight-knit community is emotionally draining�the stress of that is probably greater than the physical stress�I learned that hard work is a good thing, and I hope that my kids did as well.� His youngest daughter snits that 土ou should be thankful for what you have back at home."

Could the Verdecias� marriage end over the show, like the Glenns� did? We値l find out starting tonight!

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