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June 25, 2004


Celebrity News

Some bizarre tidbits today about famous people:

  • Demi Moore acted strangely at the LA premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11. A fellow moviegoer reports that she kept pumping the air with her fist and shouting angry things at the screen that don't make any sense, like 'That was really harsh' and 'That was really crucial.' The witness says her behavior might be explained by the Jolt soda she was drinking, or maybe she's just mental.

  • Mel Gibson plans to direct a new TV show to premiere this fall called Savages, about a single dad raising five sons. The very image of paternal tenderness and devotion, David Carradine, (who turns 68 this year) will play the dad. I would think someone more along the lines of Mark Harmon might be a better choice to play the father of 11 to 17 year-olds, but then, I also probably would have cast an actor with brown eyes to play Jesus.

  • As we suggested earlier, it turns out Billy Bob was right, Angelina's adopted "orphan" son was probably illegally purchased from his not-dead parents through a shady adoption ring.

  • And, not surprisingly, Beyonce sometimes wears a wig.

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