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July 16, 2004


What Does a Candidate Have to do to Get a Freakin’ Vote Around Here?

What if a high-profile documentarian makes a movie skewering the current administration?

Victoria Weaver of Nashville, says she "didn't want to come and see this, but I thought for educational purposes, I should." Weaver, 42, a meeting planner, says she still intends to vote for Bush.

- USA Today, July 5, 2004

What if you decline to speak at a major conference for a specific block of voters, such as the NAACP?

"Before this, I was going to vote for Kerry….Now I'm going to work for Kerry”

- New York Times, July 14, 2004

What if you pick a handsome, down-home, Vice-Presidential candidate?

I have some reservations about both Bush and Kerry, but I was going to vote for John Kerry anyway…"

“I like John Edwards and suppose I might have voted for Edwards as president, but never for Kerry…..So I'm going to vote for Bush again."

"I'm so excited that John Edwards is running with Kerry…I was planning to vote for Kerry, but I was not very enthusiastic about him.”

- New York Times, July 8, 2004

If Americans have already decided, what’s a candidate to do? Obviously, get more voters. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen voter registration drives at my office, on my streetcorner, and in the subway on my way to work. And grassroots groups like MoveOn.org and America Coming Together aren’t the only ones on the job: you can also register through the WWE (“Smackdown your Vote”) and your local strip club.

Then you just have to get all those folks to show up in November.

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