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August 3, 2004


A Public Service Announcement from Amy's Robot

Things are a little emotionally charged around here this week, what with the blatantly manipulative terror warnings and the Statue of Liberty finally reopening her base. So, I thought it might be a good time to share some conversations I致e had or overheard lately. For the record, I have not invented or embellished any of these quotes.

In a bar:
Me: Are you registered to vote?
20ish Man: Oh no! I don稚 want to go to jury duty! (eye-roll). None of us want to!
Me: Us?
20ish Man: Oh, everyone at work.

Last Thursday:
20ish Man: I probably won稚 vote at all, but if I do it値l be for Bush. At least he has four years of experience.

In the subway:
30ish Man: If I even vote, I'd vote for Bush. He got us into this mess, I want him to get us out.

In the elevator (overheard):
40ish Woman: I probably won稚 vote because I don稚 even know any of the issues or anything. I guess I知 one of those 砥ndecideds�.

Now, I could say a lot here about rights and responsibility, and countries where people can稚 vote, and the liberties that Americans have fought for over the past 200+ years, but it would probably come out like this: AAAAAGHHHGHGGHGHHHH!

So instead I値l say - PEOPLE. Just fucking VOTE. JUST FUCKING VOTE. It takes 10 minutes to read up on the candidates and issues, and another 2 to go into the voting booth and pull a lever. And while you池e at it, don稚 duck jury service either. You値l be a big ol' fan of that system after you get busted selling weed to NYU students.

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