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August 23, 2004


Political Turf Wars

A silent war has been raging in my neighborhood over the question on everyone's mind: just who is Osama bin Laden supporting in November? Last week, the words "Osama Votes Kerry" appeared spraypainted on area sidewalks. I barely had time to think "whahuh?" before another pundit intervened to alter the message slightly:

"Well, that's clearer," I thought. Until the next morning, when the original activist returned, this time with the hot pink spraypaint of fury!

Would the Kerry supporter retaliate? That very evening, I came home to:

Not only that, the paint was still wet! I had missed the Kerry bandit by mere minutes.

Over the weekend, the turf war expanded considerably - where once there was one message per block, now there are two or three. I'm personally fascinated to see where how this battle will end. Will it continue until the sidewalks of Brooklyn glow pink even in the dead of night?

Oh Osama, which way will you go? Will it be Bush/Cheney? Or Kerry/Edwards?

Presidential hopefuls, forget the vetarans, the youth, the undecided voter - real Americans know it's Osama's vote that really counts.

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