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September 15, 2004


And just like that, I decided to wear glasses forever.


Hooray for severely nearsighted people like myself, who aren't candidates for Lasik surgery because of our freakishly thin corneas! The FDA has approved the first implantable corrective lens. The lens, similar to those used in cataract surgery, has been manufactured by the Dutch firm Ophtec for 17 years, but rigorous FDA testing requirements prevented it from become available in the U.S. until now.

This is how it's implanted:

"A little cut is made in the cornea through which the lens is inserted in the anterior chamber. When the lens is right in front of the pupil it is attached to the Iris. A little fold of Iris is pushed into the clips of the lens. In this way the lens will stay in its place. The small incision is sutured and the surgery is over."

Thanks, but even without warnings of side effects like cataracts, swelling of the cornea, and detached retinas, I think I'll stick to my low-tech glasses. Although many of my friends have gone through successful corrective surgery, my personal philosophy is: don't take chances with your eyes. You only get the two.

As an early Halloween present, here are some gross pictures of other Ophtec products.

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