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October 11, 2004


Robot-on-the-set: Parker Posey in Hell's Kitchen


We've been noticing some film production activity in the fine and picturesque neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen lately (stop by any time, Jonathan Demme!), but with the magical technology of digital cameras, these celebrity sightings can now be shared with you. On Friday afternoon, a small-looking movie featuring our old favorite Jackie O impersonator Parker Posey was shooting directly in front of the 9th Avenue Amy's Bread (the Official Rosemary Twist Provider of Amy's Robot.) Here are some shots of Parker taken from a discreet distance across the street. The film was likely Adam & Steve, and the scene appears to include the co-star/director/writer Craig Chester.

One disturbing element of this movie: Parker's boyfriend in it is played by Chris Kattan. Guess his career hasn't exactly taken off after getting kicked out of The Frogs for allegedly snorting too much cocaine to get his lines straight. Get it?

Here are some photos:

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