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October 22, 2004


Today's Political and Animal News


A new ad from the Bush campaign features a lot of jumpy edits and a pack of wolves running through the woods. The voiceover suggests that the wolves represent roving hordes of terrorists who are just waiting until we fools elect John Kerry as President to attack us: "Weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm." Watch the ad here. Analysts speculate that this ad is meant to harken back to Reagan's popular "Bear in the Woods" ad from the 1984 campaign which used a grizzly bear lumbering through the woods to suggest the threat of the Soviet Union, lovingly commemorated in this Weekly Standard article.

Kerry is also using animals to promote his leadership abilities, but he's doing so by shooting them. Kerry went goose hunting in Ohio yesterday, proudly waving a macho, blood-stained hand at the reporters. Maybe next week he should shoot some wolves, bears, and, hell why not, how about some sharks too. People are always scared of those.

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