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October 4, 2004


Whitney Houston emerges from the fog

It's been a tough few years for Whitney Houston, beleaguered pop star and drug addict. There have been the arrests, the fights with Bobby, the rumor that she was dead, her mysterious association with The Black Hebrews and her visit to Israel, which she has confusingly claimed as "her land." There was the interview on Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer, in which she claims to have gotten over drugs once and for all, demonstrating her disdain for certain drugs with the now-infamous "crack is whack" line ("Crack is cheap. I make too much for me to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight, OK? I don't do crack. I don't do that. Crack is whack.")

You'll be glad to know that Whitney has turned a corner. No, not that other corner that she already turned in March when she left the rehab clinic after only 5 days of treatment because "she felt the walls were closing in on her." This particular corner also involves getting clean after endless years of drug use--Whitney says she has "emerged from a long, long fog." She says, "I'm clean, I'm sober, I feel reborn and I'm loving life. I came so close to throwing it all away. Now I cherish every second of the day. I have rededicated my life to my family and my career and I am happier now than I can ever remember being. These past three years have been a very long period. I thank God we have emerged back into the light." Hallelujah!

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