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November 5, 2004


An Open Letter to the FOX Broadcasting Company

Dear FOX Executives:

I understand that you’re trying to drum up interest in that show with Uncle Jessie’s girlfriend from Full House, but I must strongly request that you air scenes from upcoming The O.C. episodes before 9:03 pm. Your viewers with Time Warner DVR service are unable to program beyond 9:01 without recording all of North Shore, and frankly, I can’t be wasting a precious hour of recording time that could be dedicated to Wife Swap or zombie movies.

I realize that last night’s premiere of The O.C. was largely expositional, so I want to thank you for adding in 10 minutes of completely gratuitous shirtless construction workers and gardeners. However, now that all the plot points have been explained, I hope to see at least two fistfights and an overdose next week. Of course, I wouldn’t know what to expect in the coming weeks since my recording CUT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF UPCOMING SCENES.

Lastly, on behalf of 48% of the country that didn’t vote for George Bush, please, please renew The O.C. for at least three more seasons.

Amy’s Robot

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