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November 16, 2004


House premiere

Fox's new hospital drama House starts tonight (tivo it), which is likely the only hospital drama I will ever be excited to watch. The notable thing about House is that it stars British comedian Hugh Laurie as the thorny but brilliant drug-addicted diagnostician who shambles around grumpily and pisses off hospital administration, all the while demonstrating a profound passion for science through his Sherlock Holmesian deductive reasoning. At least, that's what he probably does, judging from the promos. Many of us have followed Hugh Laurie through the Bit of Fry and Laurie and Jeeves & Wooster years. His crime-espionage-gumshoe-comedy novel The Gun Seller is also hilarious. Here's an MSNBC review of the new show, and story about how Laurie got involved. USA Today discusses the big risk the creators take by placing such an unsympathetic and antisocial character at the center of the show. The NY Times likes the nastiness of it, but faults it for taking too many stylistic elements from other shows, like ER, Scrubs, and CSI.

Also featured in the cast are Omar Epps (who was also in ER for a season or two) and Robert Sean Leonard--we'll see how their transitions from movies and Broadway to TV go.

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