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December 7, 2004


Explosive News

Note to travelers who passed through Charles de Gaulle airport this weekend: don't be alarmed if you open your suitcase at the hotel and find something unusual nestled in with your underpants, like, I don't know, maybe some plastic explosives.

French national police planted the missing explosives in some unsuspecting traveler's luggage as part of a training for bomb-sniffing dogs. One good dog successfully identified the bag, but a second, bad dog missed it, and before anyone could grab the bag - merde! It had disappeared down a conveyer belt, jetting off to parts unknown that could include Italy, Japan, Brazil, or the U.S.

This was Friday, and four days later they're still on the loose, despite the Pollyannish hopes of the French authorities: "We hope the person who finds this [in their luggage - ed] will take it to the local authorities...we hope they will not throw it away."

The plastic explosives, about the size of a cell phone, are powerful enough to blow the door off a car. In the wake of this "incident" the French police have decided to discontinue planting live explosives in people's luggage.

Is that some crazy shit, or what? Just what kind of government could make what the French Interior Minister is calling such a "totally reprehensible and scandalous" mistake?

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