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May 25, 2005


The most anticlimactic 24 season ever

Kiefer walks off into the sunset

I know this is a day late, but I would like to briefly register some of my disappointments with this latest "nonstop" season of 24 that wrapped on Monday night. The show's producers mentioned in a number of articles leading up to the finale that it would be a big surprise, and Kiefer himself said it was unlike anything they'd ever done before.

Well, let's look at what happened. There was a nuclear warhead rocketing toward downtown LA, which the CTU team located when it was only a few miles outside the city. So then they communicate with some Air Force pilots, who go and shoot it down while the CTU staff literally stands around the office and listens to the Air Force communications on their radio.

THAT'S IT. That's the big climax. Hooray! The world is saved. I wonder if there's any ice cream left in the freezer.

Compared to last season's hand-severing finale, this was a major disappointment. Less disappointing were the numerous shots of a naked, bound Tony Almeida on his knees in Mia Kirshner's apartment.

Then there was the potentially complex but completely glossed-over subplot about China wanting blood for their dead consul, and the U.S. administration deciding in about 3 seconds to agree to hand over Kiefer, who just saved the world for the billionth time, to satisfy the Chinese. Even though it took at least 2 entire episodes for them to make any other decisions. Whoops! It's the season finale! So we've gotta wrap this storyline up really fast here, so, OK, Kiefer fakes his death and the CTU staff stand around his non-dead, non-bleeding body looking vaguely concerned until the government agent goes away satisfied, and the Chinese, um, well I guess they're satisfied too.

No time to puzzle over this one! It's the season finale! Even though the rest of the second half of this season has been agonizingly slow and plodding.

I guess next season will be all about Hobo Kiefer wearing his aviator sunglasses, fighting terrorism and getting tortured out on the open highway, with no woman, no country, and no identity. Wouldn't it have been exciting to watch him break out of Chinese labor camp in season 5? Oh well. Hopefully he'll go back to the heroin.

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So I'm not the only one who wanted Jack to get sent up! I'm just sad that Tony and Michelle (probably) won't be back, since I love him and didn't find her as annoying this time around.

Posted by: Sarah at May 26, 2005 7:30 PM

Man. My wife and I were sooo disappointed in that ending. During that last few minutes, when the plane was tracking the missile to destroy it, we were both hoping to see Curtis (in the lower right part of the split-screen at the time) look up in horror as he sees the bomb in the sky overhead. Then BOOM - screen goes white. Oh well, we always like it when the unexpected happens on TV.

Posted by: Monkeypup at May 27, 2005 4:29 PM

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