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September 3, 2005


Perfect timing

Well, great. I guess we'll never find out what caused all those problems In Louisiana. I remember hearing something about a hurricane, and a slow response, or something.

Too bad. At the exact moment that the press was finally starting to grow some balls and start asking Bush & Co. some hard questions, Rehnquist takes one for the team.

No one, besides maybe Karl Rove, could be happier at this moment than the reporters who realize they won't have to be adversarial after all, and that they can just go back to civilization and start phoning in some reports about what a beacon Rehnquist was and recycle all their stories from a few months ago when O'Connor retired and Rehnquist first got sick. Gee, I wonder who's on the short list. I wonder what kind of ramifications this vacancy might have. I wonder what kind of media campaigns the PACs will mount. Good thing we still have the fourth estate to sort out all these tough questions for us.

Silver lining: when all is said and done, we'll still have our Second Amendment rights, anyway.

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