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October 16, 2005


Thank God for Adrian Pasdar

I was all set to write a long post about how Desperate Housewives hasn't measured up to the first half of last season, how its new plotlines are predictable and unimaginative and it's not particularly funny, and how Lost, by contrast, is much smarter and less predictable. That's all true, but I'll put all that aside for now and just mention how happy I am to see Adrian Pasdar join the cast as Gabrielle's new lawyer.

Fans of Pasdar probably about had a heart attack when he appeared on screen, mainly because we fell so deeply in love with him when he starred on Profit, the greatest show Fox ever prematurely cancelled (which is saying a lot, since Fox has cancelled a lot of great shows). He's had a string of mostly unsuccessful projects since then, the longest running having been on a show about miracle-investigators on the PAX network. The poor guy should have been another Vincent-D'Onofrio-in-his-prime, but somehow he never caught on with America or the networks, becoming the TV equivalent of Julia Ormond.

It looks like Gabrielle shot down his romantic aspirations, but let's hope he sticks around in future episodes, and let's further hope this leads to some projects that -- could it be possible? -- rival Profit's creativity.

ps. Does anyone have some old tapes of Profit? I need 'em bad.

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Profit is now out on DVD -- it was released in August.


Posted by: Ter Matthies at October 17, 2005 1:19 PM

Great news, Ter. This proves that if you pray long enough, you might get what you wish for. Unless, I guess, you're praying for your ex-girlfriend to forgive you for not taping this back when it aired the first time, and marry you instead of that other guy.

Posted by: ADM at October 19, 2005 8:55 PM

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