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February 7, 2006


Looking on the Bright Side

For a good gauge of what's on America's collective mind, it's always helpful to turn to the "Mailbag" section of People magazine - particularly the responses to hard-hitting journalistic investigations like the recent "Half their Size! - No Surgery, No Gimmicks, Real People, Real Success!"

"This issue is a great motivator for those who have trouble losing weight. Thanks again!" writes Nick Hammond, of Phoenix, AZ in People's January 30 issue. "Another inspiring issue!" applauds Sharon Chalmers of Suwanee, GA. "Each of your featured losers should be quite proud of their accomplishments!" And...

People letter to the editor
People letter to the editor

I hear you, Shoshana. If only we could all look as good as we did in 2003.

Shoshana Johnson's skinny picture

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