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September 26, 2006


Video: Ladies and Gentleman....Prince!

Fuckin' Prince, man. I him loved in back '85, and I was LATE to the party. I can remember huddling in a corner with "Darling Nikki" so my mom wouldn't hear that key word. And "When Doves Cry" was my favorite song until "Like a Prayer" came along.

Do I still love him in 2006? Um, not sure. Sometimes I feel like I'm still waiting for the follow-up to Purple Rain. Then when he showed up on SNL a few months back, it was certainly a bit of a disappointment, especially since he didn't even appear in the Prince skit to parody himself. Lighten up, buddy! Pull back the curtain once in a while.

Anyway, here's Prince.

Like most videos we post here, you can download it as an iPod/iTunes/everything-compatible MPEG4.

Tomorrow's video: Probably two, from the Strokes. (I know, I know.)

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