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April 24, 2002


Have you ever heard or

Have you ever heard or heard of "descriptive TV"? That's where a narrator describes for blind people what is happening on a TV show, sort of like closed captioning for people who can't see. Apparently, there's some senseless controversy about it. Anyway, here's an example of descriptive TV for The Simpsons.

And...here's an example of descriptive TV for Fox's hit show 24:

Kim Bauer: "Any time, any place, inside, outside, you just BRING IT ON!!"
Describer: "SluttyTeenageGirlfriend stares at Kim. Kim huffs and walks away."

[10 minutes later...]

Kim Bauer: "I love you so much, Mommy!"
Mrs. Bauer: "I love you too, sweetie. I'll see you soon."
Describer: "Kim Bauer hangs up. The police car she is riding in smashes into a van containing Serbian kidnappers and Dennis Hopper. Serbian kidnappers yell at Kim and try to abduct her again."
Kim Bauer: "No! No!"
Describer: "Just be glad you are blind."

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