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April 29, 2002


It's about time somebody wrote

It's about time somebody wrote this: a look at the movies made from Philip K. Dick's writing (via fimoculous). Blade Runner, Total Recall, and now Minority Report, and some others you may not have heard of.

The article asserts that Memento may be the purest PKD movie, even though PKD had nothing to do with. I like that idea...it's like way that things can be Lynchian even when David Lynch had nothing to do with them.

My plot summary of every PKD novel ever: "Man thinks he is someone. Man thinks he is not someone. Man thinks he is someone. Man turns out to be someone. Or maybe not." Shorter yet: Internal monologue from every PKD novel ever: "Am I who I think I am?" (By contrast, internal monologue from every other novel ever: "Who am I?")

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