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April 29, 2002


Salon's derisive article on the

Salon's derisive article on the decadent car race Gumball 3000, a rally of super-rich playboys careening across America, creates the problem of of trying to make the event seem like an immoral bunch of wealthy European louts wreaking havoc on our pristine American highway system, while simultaneously making it all undeniably attractive in a deviant, self-indulgent way. I recommend reading the whole article, it's very funny, but here are some highlights in case you don't.

"This year, America is the lucky host of the 4th annual cash-ejaculating orgy known as the Gumball 3000 Rally." "Since 1999, zillionaire scofflaws have been terrorizing cities across Europe and Russia in a weeklong burn down the roadways in the finest and fastest cars money can buy, speeding outrageously, fucking everything, spinning donuts, laying patches, binge-drinking top-shelf liqueurs, soiling the sheets of venerable Chateaux, crashing frequently and buying their way out of trouble every mile along the way with the haughty devil-may-care insouciance that can only be assumed by gilded dirtbags who regard a flaming Ferrari in a ditch as an amusing tax write-off."

Thank heavens Steve McQueen is already dead.

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