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April 2, 2002


Watched: Ok, so there's this

Watched: Ok, so there's this new soap opera on Tuesday nights called Day of Our Lives. It stars Kiefer Sutherland as the concerned dad, Terri Bauer as the concerned wife, Nina Myers as the concerned mistress, and Kim Bauer as the angry teenage daughter. In the pilot episode, THE CONCERNED WIFE gets amnesia. The show is so bad it makes me grit my teeth. The show is so bad it makes me feel like I am in the bottom of a bottomless pit. The show is so bad it makes me flip to watch Superman during the parts with the concerned black family. At least I was able to catch up with that show, which I haven't watched since the middle of episode 3. Lex was blackmailing someone to help him figure out what happened to the Porsche he ran into Superman with. Superman is discovering his x-ray vision. He still has a tender and touching and very concerned relationship with Lana. I wonder what's going on with that funky editor of the school paper. I guess I'll have to wait til next week's episode of Day to find out.

In this week's episode, the only interesting thing that happens is Mickey Rourke's younger brother and Val Kilmer's younger brother show up to play nefarious, threatening guys. Wow, two interesting characters, and neither of them is killed off in the closing minutes of the show (graf 2). The only mitigating factor of the show's horribleness was the ad for this week's episode of the X-Files in which -- I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP -- Burt Reynolds guest stars. I guess they put that in there to remind everyone watching Day just how bad things can get. Oh, wait. We already know how bad things can get (enter as guest).

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