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April 2, 2002


Watched: This morning I got

Watched: This morning I got up early and watched ER on TNT. Apparently, TNT shows ER every morning at like 9. It was the one where the ER gets contaminated with Benzene and they have to go into "disaster" mode. Very well made episode. Now, let me tell you something about me and ER: I haven't watched it since the 2nd season, except for the live episode. I thought the show was good, but I thought it was the same stuff all the time. However, I really liked that matter-of-fact character who walks with crutches all the time who I guess was everybody's boss. Kerry, maybe? She was the first nuanced character on prime time in a while. I think she came after the second season, but somehow I saw her in a few eps.

Anyway, in between watching ER, I watched Regis & Kathy with Kelly. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I like Kelly Ripa. Why? BECAUSE SHE ISN'T INTIMIDATED BY REGIS. Right from the start, she was very chatty and self-confident. She knows how to laugh at herself, and she knows how to laugh at other people. Last night, she told America, she presented at the GLAAD Media Awards. Even though she couldn't remember what the two "A's" in GLAAD stand for, she told all about it.

Now one thing I find funny about Regis is this: you know how they talk to the director -- Gelvin?? Gelman?? What's his name?? -- Well, what I noticed is that it looks like he is wearing make-up. I mean can you imagine. Here they are trying to add a little edginess and spontaneity to the show and so they talk to the director...but HE'S WEARING MAKEUP. I mean, come on. That is so manufactured and artificial that it DEFEATS THE PURPOSE of having so-called spontaneity in the show. But here is what I think: I have realized more and more recently that contemporary talk shows are really just watered down versions of old David Letterman shows, from back when he was on NBC...but nobody (except maybe Conan) has the guts to do actual spontaneous spontaneity anymore (including Letterman himself), so they do this fake "talk to the director who's wearing make-up" crap, and Letterman does this unfunny bullshit where he has his secretary go down to order french fries, etc. Very frustrating.

So frustrating in fact that I decided to go to work.

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