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May 23, 2002


Alright people, just suck it

Alright people, just suck it up and go see Star Wars. I don't want to hear your bitching about "bad dialogue" or "watered down Judeo-Christian-Zen mythology" or "Jimmy Smits." The only thing I have to say to you is this. One word. YODA.

OK, a few more words. It was great and exciting and had some fantastic action scenes, but how much more of a creepy, leering skeeze could Hayden Christensen have been? That kid also looks in perpetual need of a Wet Nap for his greasy face. Whatever, Natalie dug it, I guess. One of my viewing companions said that his performance was so hammy and weak that at times he found himself wishing for Mark Hamill. Ow.

But Ewan McGregor saves the day. Seems he's the only person in this batch of Star Wars movies that has actually tried to create a real, complex character and, you know, ACT. I hope Ewan keeps some time in his busy schedule to prepare for that Kurt Cobain biopic movie that I am confidant he will one day star in. Fun fact! According to this completely non-kidding website about uncircumcised famous people, Ewan is uncut. Considering he has appeared naked in at least three movies, I guess we all knew that already.

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