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December 30, 2002


Soundtrack to 8 Mile. Features

Soundtrack to 8 Mile. Features songs from and, yes, "inspired by" the movie, including a forgettable track by the girl who played Em's first girlfriend in the movie. The hip-hop stuff is good though, with a contribution from Xzibit being probably the most interesting track. Obie Trice is heavily featured too -- I guess Em has decided to christen him, though I'm not sure why: one track consists almost exclusively of Obie rhyming the word "motherf*cker" with itself. Meanwhile, regrettably missing are the actual raps from the battles. I mean, come on. I want to relive that shit.

Speaking of reliving, Xzibit reminds me I saw his associates Tha Alkaholics way back in '93 at the Flood Zone, opening up for Tribe. Busta was there too, special guesting on "Scenario".

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