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June 10, 2003


The latest batch of Christian

The latest batch of Christian rock bands are reaching market saturation: we're way beyond Stryper, people. Their primary worry now, according to the NYT article, is not that they won't be accepted by mainstream audiences, but rather that they'll alienate their enormous Christian following if they get too secular. One of the biggest Christian rock labels, Tooth & Nail, is now getting a lot of attention: "Mr. Ebel founded Tooth & Nail 10 years ago when he noticed that there were several high-quality Christian hardcore, punk and indie-music bands on the West Coast. Christian labels wouldn't sign them because their music was too heavy, and independent labels wouldn't because of the Christian association. Now, Mr. Ebel said, "as soon as we sign a new band, we get e-mails from major labels."

A great article worth reading. Especially the "Jesus opening for the Sex Pistols" comment at the very end.

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