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July 3, 2003


Outstanding celebrity comedy in IMDB

Outstanding celebrity comedy in IMDB today: Tom Cruise is on a crusade to save innocent children from the drugs that their doctors prescribe for them: "Ritalin is the same chemical compound as cocaine!"

Cameron Diaz also has really bad skin. Girls, girls! Maybe you need to stop dating all those greaseball rock guys. -amy

    Update: a reader sends in this photo of the Angels, which features Drew's bio-luminescent skin and Cameron's tan-in-a-bottle complexion and comments, "What is happening to Drew Barrymore's face in this picture? Is it just a photographic quirk or is she wearing avant garde kabuki makeup? I totally don't get it." My guess it's Kabuki, since that Japanese theatrical art form is hinted at in the closing moments of the film. -adm

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