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August 11, 2003


A report on the realities

A report on the realities of a week in Ibiza during a Tour Package for the 18-30 set: wow, are those British kids gross. Puke everywhere, naked drunk people falling all over each other, clubs charging over $60 at the door... no wonder the island's government is trying to rebrand it as a family destination.

    "Packs of young men - bare-chested, drunk and singing football songs - are prowling for sex or a fight, preferably both. Others are being sick in the gutter, and vomit trickles down the sloping street. I spot a couple trying to have sex in a doorway, but both look too drunk to accomplish it. "I've already slept with four different blokes in a week," says Lindsey, 20, a leisure and tourism student from Bolton. "I love it here - you can do stuff you don't do at home. If I want to shag around, I can." Her friend, swaying and drooling over a piece of KFC chicken, chimes in: "You shag around at home too, you slag." Outside a British-style pub, a shaven-headed, tattooed youth has just been sick into a pint glass and his friends are trying to persuade another to drink it."
This article leads me to the conclusion that there is nothing more unpleasant than an island full of drunk English people on vacation. Key West and other US beachy destinations have nothing on this.

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