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August 26, 2003


Bill O'Reilly is still claiming

Bill O'Reilly is still claiming he never suggested Inside Edition won Peabody Awards. When a TV writer in Oregon recounted the spat between O'Reilly and Franken, O'Reilly left him voicemail saying, "I never suggested we won a Peabody." But, O'Reilly has already acknowledged that he mixed up "Polk" with "Peabody", and yet he's still getting angry about charges that he was mistaken/misleading. The man must be going crazy. The Oregonian points out that even if you forgive O'Reilly for saying "Peabody" instead of "Polk", there's one more hurdle to get over: O'Reilly wasn't even on the show the year it won the Polk Award. [via romenesko]

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