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August 27, 2003


Since everybody knows that giving

Since everybody knows that giving pilots guns will make planes safer, the federal government has already trained "hundreds" of pilots in the use of handguns, and thousands more will be armed within a year. Even the pilots themselves seem to intuit that maybe this isn't such a great idea: less than 6% of them have signed up for the program, far fewer than expected. And of those who have applied, 6% have been rejected. Why? For "various reasons such as failing a psychological test or a background check or not having met other qualifications." So, it's ok for these people to fly our planes but not ok for them to carry guns?

Is it more likely that passengers will be put at risk by a pilot who fails a psych test, or by hijackers? Is it more likely that an armed pilot will shoot a hijacker, saving everyone, or that the weapons in the cockpit will be used against him? This whole thing is tragedy waiting to happen.

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