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August 3, 2003


Feeding the Pigeons

No matter how often he's arrested, threatened, or banned, Dominic Calamonaci won't stop feeding the pigeons and rats in Flushing Memorial Park. Amazing story. Here is just a taste:

Earlier this year in May, he was arrested for menacing, criminal mischief and harassment of one of his neighbors as a result of his overfeeding the pigeons, rats and squirrels in and around the park.

He was arrested following a car chase for slashing the tires of his former neighbor, Ken Altpeter, whose apartment abuts the park on 150th Street. Altpeter was one of the neighbors who has been complaining about Calamonaciç—´ actions for years.

Since the May arrest, Altpeter got an order of protection against Calamonaci but says he has seen him in and near the park at least six times a week.

[via our new friends at scaryny]

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