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August 2, 2003


NYT takes a close look

NYT takes a close look at Pew's recent survey about religious beliefs. The parts about gays and Muslims made the headlines, but the survey uncovered lots of other facts. E.g.: "33 percent of the public thought Jesus would not drive a sport utility vehicle, while 29 percent thought he would, 31 percent offered no opinion and 7 percent volunteered the reply that he would not drive, but walk."

Some of the other findings are equally interesting, but more socially significant. Like this: "78 percent of white evangelical Protestants said that President Bush relies on his religious beliefs 'about the right amount' in charting his policies, 56 percent of African-American Protestants said Mr. Bush relies on his religious beliefs 'too little.'"

Here's the full report from Pew, so you can find your own facts.

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