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August 5, 2003


Joe Lieberman: Sell-out. Gone are

Joe Lieberman: Sell-out. Gone are the old days of liberal ideals wrapped around a moral center. He's calling Howard Dean's candidacy "a ticket to nowhere." He says, "I believe that that kind of candidate could lead the Democratic Party into the political wilderness for a long time to come."

I'll tell you what's a ticket to nowhere. A ticket to nowhere is pretending you are more conservative than the Republicans, rubber-stamping everything they say, and sellling out your party, your beliefs, and your oldest supporters, so that the damage done to the party in the last two years will go unaddressed for the rest of the decade.

Here's another quote/emetic: "Some said 'no' to eliminating Saddam Hussein, or were ambivalent about it, either before or after the war. But we must not shrink from the use of force when our security or our values are at stake." [emph added] God forbid, Senator Joe McLieberman, that anybody be ambivalent about going to war on the basis of shoddy or non-existent evidence and inflammatory rhetoric.

You can also listen to him make these pronouncements here.

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