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August 5, 2003


NY Magazine's Intelligencer says Missy

NY Magazine's Intelligencer says Missy Elliott is apologetic over her spat with Madonna during the Gap shoot. The item is short, but hysterical and weird. Here's the whole thing:
After reading our item last week in which we reported that she and Madonna didn稚 hit it off right while filming their new Gap ads, Missy Elliott called us up to explain that she wasn稚 herself that day because of a personal crisis. "Madonna came to me and asked what was wrong, and I told her in a roundabout way," she told us. "She called her spiritual adviser over the day of the shoot; he gave me, like, the red string, and he prayed for me. The rest of the shoot was fine . . . I would never disrespect her."
Is MSE going to start unravelling the mysteries of the Kabbalah now, too? It's great that Madonna always has a Jewish mystic (with a handy aresenal of charmed red string) by her side, especially when she gets in a scrape with imposing female rappers. It's like something from a Woody Allen movie.

ps. The resultant ad is one of the worst commercials I've ever seen in my life. The "Where's the Beef" lady has better moves than Missy.

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