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August 6, 2003


The mom of slain city

The mom of slain city councilor James Davis lashed out yesterday -- at the woman running against her other, non-dead son for the now-vacant seat, apparently angry that someone else would have the gall to seek the office. How's this for an endorsement of democracy from Mom Davis:

"This [seat] is a legacy," she said. "You can't just come out of the blue and come in to something this important."
Mom then told the candidate, Letitia James, to "Wait for the next election." James is an aide to another politician and actually ran against the dead son for this position back in '01, and so isn't really "coming out of the blue". In other words, she has some experience...Unlike her surviving son WHO IS A CONVICTED CRIMINAL.

It sure would be nice if we had royalty and an official system of nepotism here, Mrs. Davis, but until then, see you at the voting booth.

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