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August 6, 2003


There's a link between 9/11

There's a link between 9/11 smoke-and-dust and smaller babies, according to Mt. Sinai researchers:

Specifically, 8 percent of babies born to 182 mothers who were in or near the wreckage while pregnant were small for the length of their gestation, compared with less than 4 percent of more than 2,300 babies born in New York City from women who were not nearby, researchers found. The condition is called intrauterine growth restriction. But the infants from women who were at or near ground zero were not any more likely to be below 5.5 pounds, a threshold for low birth weight used as an index of the quality of a pregnancy. [nyt]
If you subscribe to JAMA, you can read the full report.

ps. Just want to point out that JAMA's domain is "jama.ama-assn.org". This is the worst domain name I have come across in some time. Guess they don't have much marketing power at the AMA. It's even worse -- by an order of magnitude -- than E-ZPassNY.com.

So who has AMA.org? The American Marketing Association, of course. But, strangely, they don't even use it! It redirects to -- hey! -- marketingpower.com. At first, I couldn't understand why the marketing association would use something stupid like marketingpower.com instead of their own pre-existing brand of "AMA". And then it occurred to me: figuring that their target audience is other marketers -- to whom they are marketing membership -- they want you/marketers to associate the idea of "MARKETING POWER" with them, so that you will see them as the key to being a powerful marketer, which is what all marketers want. Those marketing geniuses! Always thinking, they are.

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