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September 3, 2003


FBI says they've only seen

FBI says they've only seen a "necklace bomb" like the one in the pizza man robbery once before: in Colombia. In June 2000, terrorists (FARC) locked a woman named Elvia Cortes into the device -- which later blew up -- killing her and a bomb squad technician. The case became a high-profile source of anti-FARC sentiment. Interestingly, that device is described as having a homegrown sci-fi appearance -- lots of flashing lights and dials, just like the more recent bomb. Sounds like the creator of the pizza bomb device was a subcriber to Bomb Quarterly. Lots more from Google on the Elvia Cortes case.

Also, it's probably worth pointing out that this bomber seems to take the same kind of interest in his craftsmanship that Unabomber did, although UB was interested in sleek, organic packages, and this guy seems to like the sort of funky bells-and-whistles look.

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