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September 25, 2003


Fresh Perspective on 'The Bachelor'

From the Amy's Robot Mail Bag:

Oh my lord - this promises to be the best season yet!!! The little hookers are BURSTING with enthusiasm for Bob, their claws are already fully extended, there's promise of an emergency trip to the HOSPITAL when one of the fritters gets her little heart hurt, and we've been teased with glimpses of Bob making out with / screwing EVERY SINGLE slut on the show!!!

ABC really has hit the jackpot - drop all other reality shows NOW and watch The Bachelor this season, if you aren't watching already. There's something special about it.

And DO NOT call us during the sacred hour unless it is during the commercial break, please. -Laura

The Bachelor on this new series is certainly not trying too hard to endear himself to me. From the ABC website: "During college Bob had the opportunity to be the social director of his frat house, which led him to the founding of his band, called Fat Amy. Fat Amy started in 1993 and was an immediate fan favorite throughout the Midwest." Fat Amy. Nice one, Pug-Nosed Jheri-Curled Bob (tm Rungu) who got dissed by Trista on The Bachelorette. -amy

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