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September 17, 2003


Still More Sofia Coppola Profiles

From the latest, we learn Sofia's top ten movies: All That Jazz, Badlands, Darling, GoodFellas, The Heartbreak Kid, Lolita (1962 or 1997?), The Piano, Safe (Me too, S!), Tootsie (Amy, too, S!) Rumble Fish (your dad, too, S!). Did she purposely leave out Adaptation or Being John Malkovich?

For the record, here are our top ten movies involving someone closely related to Sofia: Raising Arizona, Being John Malkovich, Godfather, Godfather II, Apocalypse Now, Rushmore, Rocky, Virgin Suicides, The Conversation. That's only nine? Um. Ok, how about if we take the first 2/3 of Adaptation, and then add the Chemical Brothers video she's in that Spike directed? Does that count? -adm

I would add to our list Lost In Translation, one of the better movies I've seen all year (we can include movies that Sofia actually directed herself, right?) Bill Murray has been using his talent in such an amazing and effective way over the last few years, and good for Sofia from prying him out of Wes Anderson's grip and writing such a perfect role for him. It did make me worry about the state of her Spike Jonze marriage, however. The Scarlett Johansson role is pretty clearly based on Sofia herself (which adds a level of pretention and preciousness to the movie that I'd rather not dwell on,) and she spends much of the movie sitting around being lonely in her hotel room while her hip, up-and-coming young artist husband is off at work and being mooned over by celebrities.

By the way, you might have been wondering what ever happened to my Top Ten Films of 2002 list. Well, here you go: The Hours, Adaptation, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, 8 Women, Spirited Away, Far From Heaven, 24 Hour Party People, 25th Hour, and Talk To Her. In 2001, I had 11 films in the Top Ten, so this year I have 9. The 10th slot might have been filled by City of God or Chicago, but neither of them turned out to be all that good. -amy

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