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October 24, 2003


The Manchurian Candidate, from Amy's window

You know when you're still in the half-unconscious phase of sleep, when you are dimly aware of noises and events happening nearby, but they are indistinct, and your dreams and reality are interwoven? Like when Jonathan Demme is outside your window at 7:00 shouting "Cameras rolling!" (chirpy chorus of "rolling!") and "Action!"? Yeah, well, thanks for waking me up this morning, Jonathan, and the entire crew of the remake of The Manchurian Candidate, who are using my block as a set today. I can tell you this: there will be at least one shot in the movie best described as "POV--Amy's apartment," judging from the enormous crane positioned just above my bedroom window, shooting down into the street below.

Do you think Meryl Streep will make Liev Schreiber swear on a Bible that he's not a Communist? -amy

Today must be Used-to-be-A-List-but-now-B-List-but-Might-Be-A-List-Again celebrity spotting day at the 'Bot: I just ran into Tom Wolfe at the BP gas station on 96th and 1st. High collar shirt and everything. This is the first time I've seen him since that hotel elevator in Santa Fe. -adm

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