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November 19, 2003


24: Prison Break!

24Some good developments on last night's 24 episode: that irritating surfer dude virus-transmitter Kyle has been locked up in an isolation chamber with his trashy bad-dye-job girlfriend to mate and spawn new little idiot virus babies and generally stay off the show for a few weeks. Kiefer goes renegade (again! finally! the whole appeal of this show centers on Kiefer going renegade) and strangles Chase, Male Model to within an inch of his life, and also shares a tender and breathless telephonic moment with his one true love, President Palmer. The long silence when they just breathe down the line at each other gave me shivers.

Many of the best moments of 24 have taken place in jails. Kim Bauer picking a fight with her slut-rival-enemy in the first season, and now last night's prison riot breakout scene. Hoardes of swarming undershirt-clad tattooed muscle-man prisoners busting out of their cells and running rampant through the prison, and hopefully into the unsuspecting streets of L.A., and maybe, (oh please oh please) across the country until they descend on NYC's Hell's Kitchen. We'll welcome you with open arms, hot rioting escaped prisoners.

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