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November 25, 2003


24: Use guns responsibly because Fox says so.

24gun safetyI'll let Amy fill you in on the details, but Tuesday night's bloody episode of 24 was so violent, Kiefer appeared in a public service announcement immediately after the broadcast to tell viewers, "In the world of 24 there is sometimes depictions of gun use that include deadly and tragic consequences. If you own a firearm, please practice responsible gun safety and keep it locked and stored away safely." (Note the ungrammatical elocution error of "there is...depictions.") As Kiefer spoke, an on-screen graphic referred viewers to the website for Americans for Gun Safety, which features a little 24 section. -adm

The riveting, unforgettable, and astonishing events of last night's episode left me a little cold. Personally, I was hoping that Kiefer would have to shoot Chase, preferably in the presence of Kim, thereby ending this whole misguided "partner" concept for the both of them. I guess the really especially mind-blowingly astonishing part was when the prison guard played Russian roulette and lost? Was that it? It was surprising in that it was the first time I have ever seen anyone play Russian roulette on TV or in a movie and lose. Has anyone else ever seen this? It was a tense moment, but as soon as Kiefer steps in and reassures the trembling, freaked-out security guard, "Just do it man, it's OK," well, that guy had to bite the big one. As soon as an anti-hero like Kiefer personally accepts responsibility for someone's life, that person's chances at survival are shot, so to speak.

The riveting TV that has me interested is the big secret on tonight's The O.C. I bet Kirsten's mom turns out to be Zsa Zsa Gabor. Or gee, I don't know, that Ryan and Luke are related. -amy

Losing Russian roulette on TV is something that doesn't happen too often, but I think I've seen it once or twice. Didn't it happen on the X-Files once? But I'm sure I've seen it in movies before -- there's the Deer Hunter and everything. Nonetheless, it wasn't particularly shocking to see it on 24, especially since the guard never said the usually obligatory, "Come on man...I have two kids." The only really surprising thing about it is the way that Kiefer is pretty responsible for the man's death, a development we predicted in our comments the other day. -adm

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